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92nd Anniversary Teatro Rivoli

with school sessions

Né Barros & Jorge Gonçalves

Dança, onde estás?






The day of the great party is almost upon us, and my dance isn’t ready, or dressed, or even wearing shoes. It is having fun with the beauty of the world, the love of the birds, and the radiating stones of its garden. Sometimes it seems to be in my hands, in my eyes… but all of a sudden it slips away to get distracted in its fascinating imagination, amazed by the labyrinths of colours and sounds. What now? What do I do? What do I dance? The performance draws inspiration from the tale Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Guy Parker-Rees and Giles Andreae, an expedition to meet that which enchants us to dance and we are yet to discover, and that is strangely different for everyone. — Né Barros & Jorge Gonçalves

© José Caldeira/TMP

© José Caldeira/TMP

© José Caldeira/TMP

© José Caldeira/TMP

© José Caldeira/TMP

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Campo AlegreStage Auditorium


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  • Price 
    Free entry (upon collection of a ticket, on the day of the sessions, from 10:00 am, at the Rivoli ticket office and at BOL)
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  • Age rating 

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Author's bio text

Né Barros is a choreographer and researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto (in the Aesthetics, Politics and Knowledge Group), where she completed a post-doctorate in aesthetics and performance. She first had training in classical dance, and then studied contemporary dance and choreographic composition in the United States (Smith College). As a choreographer, she has worked with balleteatro, the National Ballet of Portugal, Ballet Gulbenkian and Aura Dance Company, and in her artistic projects she has collaborated with several artists, photographers, musicians, directors and architects. She teaches at ESAP – Porto Higher School of Arts. She wrote the books Performances e Pós-Fenomenologia, Da Materialidade na Dança and Dança: o corpo e a casa, and co-edited Performances no Contemporâneo, Artes Performativas: Novos Discursos, Das Imagens Familiares, Deslocações da Intimidade and Unframing Archives. She published several articles and co-directs the book collections “Estética, Política e Arte” [Aesthetics, Politics and Art] and “Máquinas de Guerra” [War Machines]. She co-founded and is co-director of balleteatro and of the archive, memory and ethnography international film festival Family Film Project.

Jorge Gonçalves works in the field of performing arts as curator, choreographer, playwright, producer, performer and teacher. He completed the masters in choreography at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (2014), attended the masters in artistic performance (dance) at the Faculty of Human Kinetics (2006), and has a degree in contemporary dance from balleteatro (2005) and a degree in engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (2002). He co-founded the performing arts programming company MEZZANINE in 2009, running it until 2017. In 2009, he managed and was the co-artistic director of the association OOPSA. He co-founded the production company Obra Madrasta in 2008, running it until 2011. He has been producing and presenting his artistic work in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands since 2006. He has worked with several chorographers since 2003, including Anna Pehrsson, Clara Andermatt, Daniel Kok, DD Dorvillier, Dinis Machado, Elisabete Finger, Goro Tronsmo, Isabelle Schad, Keith Lim, Litó Walkey, Mathilde Monnier, Né Barros, Rebecka Stillman, Susana Otero and Ula Sickle. He worked with several institutions both at home (balleteatro, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, LaB InDança, Asas de Palco, mARTE – Visual Arts Showcase, Casa da Mu?sica) and abroad (Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin and Tanzfabrik Berlin), holding workshops and mentoring performing arts students. He is associate artist at balleteatro, as well as artistic and pedagogical coordinator of both the artistic school and the education service, since 2021.

Ficha Técnica

  • Directed and choreographed by
    Né Barros, Jorge Gonçalves

    Brendan Hemsworth, Filipe Lopes

    Performed by
    Catarina Branco, Diogo Gomes, Francisco Flores, Joana Martins, Luana Oliveira

    Lighting design
    Renato Marinho, Novalux Coletivo

    Costumes and props
    Jordann dos Santos

  • Costumes assistant
    Beatriz Filomeno

    Costumes manufacturing assistant
    Clementina Delgado

    Executive producer
    Tiago Oliveira

    Andreia Fraga

    Co-produced by
    Teatro Municipal do Porto, balleteatro

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