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Descortinar [fake news]

Sandra Fernandes and Paulo Pena



Twenty-four seven: unveiling as a daily exercise. True or false? What makes the news, news? Information as a public good? Along the way, time for hypotheses, anguish, sharing and dialogue. In this second Descortinar (unveiling), we question the phenomenon of fake news in the company of Sandra Fernandes and Paulo Pena.

Sandra Fernandes
is professor and researcher at the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal), with a PhD in Political Science and International Relations from Sciences Po Paris. Her academic profile includes the external action of the European Union and its relations with Russia, the post-Soviet space, multilateralism, foreign policy analysis and international security. Her contributions to the field have received recognition, including the Jacques Delors Prize in 2005, the election to the governing bodies of the Portuguese Association of Political Science, the nomination to represent the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education for higher education of the armed forces, invitations to a wide range of universities, namely in Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Türkiye, and Russia, and regular participation in national and foreign media where she shares her expert opinion.  

Paulo Pena was born in Lisbon 49 years ago. He studied journalism at the Nova University of Lisbon where he is now a visiting professor of the Master in Communication Sciences. He has been a journalist since 1997. He was an editor at Visão magazine and a great reporter at Público and Diário de Notícias. In 2016 he founded, with eight journalists, the Investigate Europe consortium, which publishes regularly in Europe's leading mainstream media. He is also co-founder of the Projecto Inocência in Portugal. He has written three non-fiction books on student opposition to the Portuguese dictatorship ("Grandes Planos", Âncora, 2001), the financial crisis ("Jogos de Poder", Esfera dos Livros, 2014) and online disinformation ("Fábrica de Mentiras", Penguin Random House, 2019). He was co-author of the series “Teorias da Conspiração” (RTP, 2018). He received, among others, the Gazeta de Imprensa Award (2013) and the Gazeta Revelation Award (2001) from the Journalists' Club. He lives in Lisbon and has two daughters.
The books on the table and other suggestions:
– "Se reconstruire dans un monde meilleur", by Boris Cyrulnik and Xavier Emmanuelli
– “Introduction to International Relations: Perspectives, Connections, and Enduring Questions”, by Joseph Grieco, G. John Ikenberry and Michael Mastanduno
– “The Portable Hannah Arendt”, by Hannah Arendt, P. R. Baehr (ed.)
– “Deception: Spies, Lies and How Russia Dupes the West”, by Edward Lucas

Note: The video has subtitles in Portuguese and English (CC).

© Pedro Sardinha/TMP

© Pedro Sardinha/TMP

© Pedro Sardinha/TMP

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