Cultura em Expansão

(Concertos de Encerramento)
Pedro Augusto & José Cordeiro with Orquestra Comunitária de Lordelo do Ouro
ZA! with Rancho Folclórico de Ramalde Associação 26 de Janeiro


16 Sun 17.00h

RIVOLI Grand Auditorium

Free entrance • >6 
Pedro Augusto, José Cordeiro e João Alves, in collaboration with the Lordelo do Ouro Community Orchestra, put forward an audio-visual performance in which the real-time combination of music and image is the result of the interaction between artistic crew and performers.
The basic idea is to look at multidisciplinarity as a creative process, to this end creating a series of small workshops throughout the year. The Catalan band Za!, comprising Eduard Pou and Pau Rodríguez, in turn, joins Rancho Folclórico de Ramalde da Associação Recreativa e Cultural Conjunto Dramático 26 de Janeiro for a unique performance that will bring the fifth edition of the Cultura em Expansão programme to an end at Rivoli. Za! travel to Porto to lead a music workshop based on the languages and theories of planned improvisational music arising in the 1970s and 80s.
Cultura em Expansão - © Dinis Santos

© Dinis Santos