Artist Residencies

Artist Residencies Programme and Creation Grants 

O CAMPO ABERTO – Artist Residencies Programme and Creation Grants will be one of the pillars for the artistic development of several companies and artists of the city. In Teatro Campo Alegre, seven companies and projects will develop long-term residencies, comprising production facilities, rehearsal studios and stage presentations. Five areas will be represented — dance, theatre, music, cinema and new circus  — turning Campo Alegre into a real creative lab. The residents are: Casa da Animação, Companhia Instável, Drumming Grupo de Percussão, Erva Daninha, Medeia Filmes, Nome Próprio e Teatro Experimental do Porto.
The sort-term residencies will take place in the two hubs of Teatro Municipal, bringing to Porto artists from different latitudes, which later on will present the work resulting from these residencies.